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Application Development

*NOTE:  Site not accessible outside DEP.

OTIS Application Development: Home

Use the Toolkit to assist you through the DEP's application development process, according to the agency's IT Standards. This resource will be instrumental as you create many project deliverables/work products and route them to the Office of Technology and Information Services (OTIS) for acceptance and approval.

The ERD Info page allows for access to system documentation and the latest Entity Relationship Diagrams.  See the App Info page to find information maps and invalid database objects.

OTIS has established standards, templates and guidance documents to ensure the delivery of quality software products for the Department. All standards documents related to DEP Application Development can be found in the IT Standards Library.

About Us
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The Applications Services Section is responsible for information systems development and support.  Using best practices in application development and project management, the section works with DEP programs to design and develop up-to-date technology solutions. By assisting programs in exploring new technology and integrating it with existing software assets, the section helps the agency streamline and automate its processes.

The section also assists in developing strategic plans for department-wide information systems. Section staff coordinates within the agency and with other state, federal and regional organizations to develop standards and procedures, which promote data sharing and database integration. They analyze and evaluate system requirements, design new and modified systems, write computer programs, participate in testing and training; and document, implement and maintain the information systems.

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